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Iizmar has been working under its current name scince 1999, but was founded after the collapse of the Soviet union by former cement carrier Väino Mäsak, who decided to create his own company. He started offering transportation service as a self-employed entrepreneur. Later, on the 1st of November 1999, the status of the business was changed to Iizmar OÜ.

Scince then, Iizmar OÜ has been a family business. Meelis Mäsak, son of Väino, carried on his fathers work from a different angle and with a new vison. After a few years of serving our customers we decided to expand our services. With new equipment bought from Germany, the team focused on making the transportation service more versatile. The business started as a cement carrying service, but after starting to collaborate with Nordkalk AS, Iizmar concentrated on lime transportation, being the very first in Estonia to use innovative tipping silo trailers. This type of trailers is easy to clean and can carry different loads in one day, which provides quality service like Iizmar has been offering to this day. Immense amount of work was put into improving the quality and overall service, and it paid off. Transporting lime helped the business to expand even more, leading to other substances, such as bulk (carbamide, different sulfates and soda), sand and ash.

Iizmar suffered a setback during the recession. Many clients went out of business. the construction of roads and the construction sector in general were temporarily stopped. The remaining clients’ production volumes decreased. But Iizmar didn’t give up. The managmement team found solutions in optimization of costs and providing new  services – especially for the newly opened branch of the Finnish company Ahola Transport. In order to keep the business going in difficult times, we started dry freight trailer transportation. As a reward for the opportunity to co-operate with Ahola, they still have at least four trucks from Iizmar, driving on Scandinavian roads, all year round.

With its willingness to change, Iizmar has been able to constantly expand. During the 15 years of operation we have aquired 30 vehicles taken care of in the business’s own repairer serving clients’ cars as well. Due to long experience in working with different bulk substances, Iizmar has been able to help clients to create the most effective storage solutions in the Estonian market.

From the very beginning, considering clients’ needs and consulting have been crucially important for Iizmar in order to provide reliable service and the best logistic solutions. We worl around the clock and even on holidays. With these principles the business, now run by Meelis Mäsak and Elnara Mäsak, has been going on for 15 years. Iizmar will continue to provide the whole chain of bulk transportation, starting with consultation on logistics and finishing with delivering of your cargo.

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Our Activities

Iizmar OÜ is concentrated on transporting bulk with tipping silo trailers. As the trailers are very easy to clean (the industrial cleaning process takes only 15 minutes), the driver is able to transport different types of materials in one working day and ensure the 100% purity of the load at the same time. The tipping silo trailer is good for transporting a variety of bulk substances, such as lime, ash, sand and bulk chemistry (sodas, carbamide and sulfates).

No other business in Estonia has been working with adaptable tank trailers as long as Iizmar, and the long-time experience makes our solutions effective and results free from defects.

We can provide quality service to our customers thanks to our firm policy – we do not use subcontractors.

Knowledge of bulk substances has helped Iizmar to develop optimal logistics and storage solutions. As Iizmar has in-depth knowledge of the specificities of bulk, we have also been consulting clients on storage and installation of the pipelines going to production, in order to save costs and make it easier to organize.

We wish to provide our clients with complex transportation service along with logistics and storage solutions in the future as well, so our experts could prove the great quality of Iizmar.

Why choose Iizmar OÜ as a partner?

  • Iizmar is the most experienced adaptable tank trailer transportation service provider in Estonia.
  • We guarantee 100% purity of the shipped load and timely delivery with no loss.
  • Our carefully selected and trained drivers ensure the problem-free trouble cooperation and the correctness of our bills is guaranteed.
  • Iizmar will advise and assist you with the creation of storage solutions and purchasing containers.
  • Thanks to the long experience in working with bulk substances, we can also help you to create pipe connections leading raw material from the container to production.
  • We provide an integrated transportation service to ensure you never have to worry about the raw material processes and can focus on your core business.
  • Like this, we help you save costs of raw materials packaging and labor.
  • Well-maintained machines and two car kits in reserve guarantee that your order will always ship to you in time.
  • You can be sure we keep the promises we have given.
  • Iizmar OÜ has chosen to grow together with its workers, suppliers, and valuable customers.
  • We continue to work hard to guarantee the well- being of our customers, employees and business partners.
  • We offer flexible and professional services.
  • We take care of the complete delivery chain.
  • The company has chosen its mission to continue to be the Leader in its sector, by expanding in foreign markets

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